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Exam period in the academic year 2020/2021:

24.5. 2021 - 2.7. 2021 and 16.8.2021 - 27.8. 2021

A student with transferred subject is obliged to obtain credits till 2.7. 2021

Preterms are in the week from 17.5.- 21.5. 2021

The condition for signing in the Medical Biochemistry 2 exam is:

· Successful completion of the credit test in Medical Biochemistry 1.,

· Completion of teaching in summer semester - seminars and protocols from practical parts,

· Complete compensationt of any missed online teaching with your teacher.

The exam consists (at each term) of a written and an oral part. Both parts of the exam will be carried out online in the MS Teams system. Students need to ensure a quality internet connection before the exam.

The written part of the exam will take place on the date for which the student registers in the AIS system. During the written part, students will be on a video call, during which they will have their webcams and microphones turned on. They can take the test only after logging in through their university address. In case they will not work on their computer, it is necessary to be logged in under the name in the MS Forms system.

Before starting of the exam, students prove their identity to the supervising teacher by an index or other document (ISIC, OP).

The written part will be in the form of a test consisting of 50 questions with four answers, of which only one is correct. The student chooses from these answers the one that is correct and marks it. The maximum number of points that a student can get from the test is 50.

The time to take the test will be 50 minutes.

The condition for proceeding to the oral part of the exam is to obtain 70% or more (i.e. 35 points or more) from the written part. The examiner will inform the student about the result of the written part on the same day as he / she completed the written part.

The student who has successfully completed the written part will also be announced about the time of the oral part of the exam (he will receive an invitation to a video call from the examiner), which will always take place the next day. At the oral part of the exam, the student draws 2 questions (one from metabolism, the other from functional biochemistry), which he will answer after a short preparation and discuss with the examiner. During the entire course of the exam, the student is obliged to have the webcam and microphone turned on. The student will have prepared a sheet of paper and a pen for a possible request of the examiner to write a formula, reaction, metabolic pathway.

We urge students to respect the Code of Ethics of Comenius University even in such a form of examination and to achieve their study results in an honest manner. Violation of the CU Code of Ethics may involve the application of appropriate disciplinary consequences.

The credit test from Medical Biochemistry 1 will take place and be evaluated according to criteria that were published and accepted in the winter semester of the academic year 2020/2021. The test will consist of 50 questions with 4 answers. Each answer will be evaluated separately, so it is possible to get a maximum of 200 points from the test. The time limit for writing the test will be 45 minutes. To successfully pass the test, it is necessary to achieve more than 80% (more than 160 points). The result of the test will be added into the AIS by the examiner on the day of the test

If you are not included in the team 12 hours before the start of your exam, let me know immediately at lubomir.kurackafmed.uniba.sk or contact me via MS Teams.