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Fundamental Study Information

Note: Please bear in mind that if you visit any of the link below and you see an error instead of a successfully loaded webpage, you need to log in on https://zona.fmed.uniba.sk/ webpage first.


1. Internal Regulations

1. Study Regulations (Internal Regulation No. 31/2023)

2. Tuition Fees and Fees Associated with Studies (Internal Regulation No. 17/2021) / (Tuition Fees for 2023/2024)

3. Disciplinary Rules (Internal regulation No. 13/2018)

2. Academic Information System (AIS2)

Comenius University Bratislava uses electronic system for study administration. The student can not only review their study results through this system but can also actively make changes (register for examination date, choose a diploma thesis etc.).

Students can log in to AIS2 here.

The manuals on how to work with AIS2 (registering for an examination date, enrollment of subjects, thesis submission etc.) can be found here.

If student is unable to log in to AIS2 (lost password) they can contact their respective study officer and request a reset of their password.