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Additional information

The new academic information system AIS 2 enables electronic processing of study agenda.
Current student can register for the assessment purpose and pursue their studies.

The students will be able to log on to the examinations, if the department wrote the terms/dates to the AIS.

Log in to the AIS 2

Manual for students to describe how: to log on and to enroll to the subject (exam).

All the manuals you can find: https://moja.uniba.sk

User AIS 2 obtain your forgotten password or new password from the administrator passwords.

Administrator passwords for students:
Mgr. Katarína Mazancová
e-mail: katarina.mazancova@fmed.uniba.sk
tel: +4212 90119 462



the name and password can be found by students via this web: https://cdo.uniba.sk/?lang=en

Through the offer on this page: „Generate new / find out current access code (WiFi)

When student knows his name and password in AIS system, he can also find access to the wifi. The username is the same for both passwords.