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Responsible teacher: Assoc. prof. Viera Rendeková, MD., PhD.

Contact person:
Assoc. prof. Viera Rendeková, MD., PhD. viera.rendekovafmed.uniba.sk

Information about the content of the 2nd control test

Information for the 2nd year students of General medicine and Dentistry about Control tests

  • the 1st control test will be written on the 8th week of winter semester at the beginning of practical exercises
  • the 2nd control test will be written on the13th week of winter semester
  • in case of absence of the student for health reasons, student will receive compensatory date
  • final evaluation (mark) will depend on results of both control tests

Content of the 1st control test:

energy rich compounds, membrane transport, principles of regulation, synthesis of ATP, Krebs cycle, glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, metabolism of glycogen, regulation of carbohydrate metabolism


Content of the 2nd control test:

acetyl-CoA, ketone bodies, metabolism of fatty acids and lipids. lipoproteins and their functions, metabolism of amino acids, ammonia detoxification, urea cycle, kidneys, and their role in elimination of waste products


Test consists of 20 questions:

15 questions are multichoice – question + 4 possibilities of answers, student will mark correct answers (there could be – one, two, three, four, or nothing) For every correct answer student will receive 1 point – for completely correct answers in one question – 4 points.

5 questions will be creative: to write reactions and formulas. Reactions of metabolic pathways, formulas of substrates, products of the reaction from the topics prescribed for the test. For open question students may receive 0 – 4 points – depending on completeness of the answer
Students may get maximum 80 points for the test.
Final score will be the sum of both control tests – Control test 1 + Control test 2.
Classification scale:

                             160 – 154 points   A

                             153 – 144 points   B

                             143 – 134 points   C

                             133 – 124 points   D

                             123 – 113 points   E

                             less than 113 points(less than 70%) - Fx