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Responsible teacher: Assoc. prof. Viera Rendeková, MD., PhD.

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Assoc. prof. Viera Rendeková, MD., PhD. viera.rendekovafmed.uniba.sk

Information about the Medical Biochemistry 2 - Exam

The examination in Medical Biochemistry 2 for General medicine and Dentistry students will take place in the regular terms of the examination period for the Summer Semester of the academic year 2023/2024 - from 27.5.2024 to 30.6.2024 and from 18.8.2024 to 30.8.2024. Preterms will be in the week 13.5.2024 - 24.5.2025.

The exam will be carried out at each term (regular and corrective) in the form of a test and a subsequent oral answer of the student.

The content of the test will be material covered in lectures, seminars and practical exercises of WS and SS, the curriculum listed in Syllabus.

Syllabus for Exam

The test will consist of 50 questions with 4 answers. For each correctly evaluated answer, the student will receive 1 point, the maximum number of points per question will be 4 points. The time limit for completing the test will be 60 minutes. The maximum number of points that a student can get from the test part of the exam will be 200, the minimum success rate to continue to the oral part of the exam will be 151 points (75%)

Rating of the Exam- written part :

191 – 200 points   A

181 – 190 points    B

171 – 180 points    C

161 – 170 points    D

151 – 160 points   E


Students will attend the written part of the exam on the day of the exam in AIS.

The test results will be announced to the students on the day of the test together with information about the time of the oral exam.

During the oral part of the exam, the student picks 2 questions, which will be answered after preparation. 

Questions for the oral part_2023-2024

Students registered for the exam in Medical Biochemistry 2 will wait in the given time on the 3rd floor, Sasinkova 4, in front of the Department of Medical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry.

Information about Medical Biochemistry 1 - Credit test

Students who have successfully completed the seminars and practical exercises in Medical Biochemistry 1 can participate in the Medical Biochemistry 1 Credit test.

In Summer Semester of the academic year 2023/2024, each 2nd year student is entitled to 2 retake terms (as normal term they were 2 control tests during Winter Semester). Students transferring the subject to the 3rd year are entitled to one regular and one retake term in the academic year 2023/2024.

The Credit test consists of 30 questions, 24 questions are multiple-choice, the student marks the correct answers on the sheet. 6 questions are creative, the student writes reactions, formulas of biochemical compounds. The time to complete the test are 45 minutes. For correctly answered question, the student gets 4 points (maximum number of points 120). A minimum of 70% success rate (92 points) is required to obtain credits.

Rating of the Credit test:

 113 – 120 points  A

106 – 112 points  B

   99 – 105 points C

     93 – 98 points  D

     85 – 92 points  E

Topics for Credit test:

Energy rich compounds, glycogen metabolism, glycolysis and gluconeogenesis, regulation of glucose level, ketone bodies, lipoproteins, deamination of amino acids, detoxification of ammonia

Syllabus for Credit test


The 3rd year students who transfer the entire subject Medical Biochemistry can register for the Exam only after successfully passing the credit test. The content of the exam is based on the content of the exam published on the website of the Department.

Students registered for the Credit test in Medical Biochemistry 1 will wait in the given time on the 3rd floor, Sasinkova 4, in front of the Department of Medical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry.