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Responsible teacher: Assoc. prof. Viera Rendeková, MD., PhD.

Contact person:
Assoc. prof. Viera Rendeková, MD., PhD. viera.rendekovafmed.uniba.sk


The teaching of practical exercises and seminars in Medical Biochemistry 1 for GM and Medical Biochemistry 1 for Dentistry in the Winter Semester of the academic year 2022/2023 will take place from 19.9.2022 in the student,s laboratories of the Institute of Medical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry MFCU. On the day of practical teaching, according to the schedule, students will wait in front of the Institute on the 3rd floor Sasinkova 4, where they will wait for the teacher who will take them to the laboratory. In case of uncertainty regarding the start of classes, contact the persons listed on the institute's website as contact persons for individual study programs.

Lectures from Medical Biochemistry 1 and Medical Biochemistry 1 for dentistry will be online. The lectures will be published via MS TEAMS in a teams to which all students of the 2nd year will have access depending on study program. For the 3rd year students who are transferring the subject Medical Biochemistry 1, or are transferring the Medical Biochemistry final exam, we will open specific team, where we will publish all the lectures and seminars what are needed for study for final exam.

For the students will be the opportunity to discuss the topic of the lecture with the lecturer online or in person at the institute during consultation hours. The lecturer will always list these under the published lecture.

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