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During the summer semester 2021/2022, the course Pathophysiology will have the following form:



Lectures will take place online via MS Teams - either in the General channel at the time of the lecture or via the calendar meeting.

a) The teachers will provide the students with a recording in advance, which students will study. At the time of the scheduled lecture, the students will meet the teacher via MS Teams to consult the lecture.

b) The teacher will meet the students online via MS Teams directly at the lecture time and explain the topic while recording it. The recording will be available in MS Teams.

The teachers will inform the students in advance about the form of their lecture.



Seminars will be combined:

Part 1:

The students will study the teacher's material and recording available beforehand through MS Teams.

Part 2:

The second part will be face-to-face, held in the seminar room of the Institute. The meeting will last about 1 hour. Teachers will test students´ knowledge (test/oral) to verify that they have studied the material provided, re-explain key, or more complex theses and do other activities related to the topic covered. During the meeting, the students will also have time for questions.

It is essential to keep up to 50% of the total class capacity; therefore, the seminars will be divided into 2 groups.

Exchange and transfer of students between study groups is usually not possible.


Practical teaching at the Institutes and Clinics


During the semester, students will write 2 tests in Moodle from the FMCU computer room.

Exam instructions in summer semester 2021/2022

The final exam of Pathological Physiology in the summer semester 2021/2022



Requirements for applying for the Pathological Physiology exam are under the condition of completing prerequisites: General Medicine from Pathological physiology 1 and Dentistry from Medical Biochemistry for Dentistry 2 (verification through AIS2). If the student does not meet these criteria, they will not be admitted to the exam of Pathological Physiology.

Students, who completed the practical study of Pathological Physiology, apply for the exam via AIS2. The exam dates are announced consistent with the study and exam rules. 

The exam is in person. On the exam day, students come into the Institute at 8:00

On the oral examination, the student will present their ISIC and draw out three random questions, one from each exam questions cluster. The condition for successfully passing the exam is to answer all three questions. The student can prepare written replies; the necessary time provided by the examiner is about 20 minutes. The examiner will ask the student to prepare the question from the cardiovascular system in writing; it will be kept, as the evidence concerning the exam, in the Institute. Cheating during the exam is the reason for exam interruption and Fx grade. 

A student registered for an exam that fails to appear will score a grade of Fx.

Registration for an exam and possible deregistration, permitted by AIS2, is in the student's competency.

If the student wants to deregister the date that AIS2 cannot permit, they can request it in a written form to the Head of the Institute. The student who fails to appear for the exam and wants to apologize can do so five days after the exam with a written letter to the Head of the Institute via the secretary's e-mail (lenka.libakova@fmed.uniba.sk).