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Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics

Medical biophysics provides students physical literacy by which they would acquire physical knowledge about the functions of human body both in health, and in disease. Educate students in preventing damage to the organism caused by adverse effects of physical factors or specifically eliminating them. Allow students to acquire theoretical knowledge during the effective use of diagnostic and therapeutic methods in medicine.

Skills: Ability and skills to use diagnostic and therapeutic methods in medicine. Apply knowledge in practice in health protection from physical factors (radiation) and their minimalization.

Class syllabus: Biomechanics of organ systems. Biological oscillations – biological rhythms. Physical characteristics of the cells, tissues and organs. Principles of Molecular Biophysics and interaction of physical, chemical and biological factors with organic substances, cells and tissues. Principles of diagnostic and therapeutic methods and biomedical monitoring. Biomaterials useful in medicine.



 Information for the 1st and 2nd year students


Lectures start on 11.9.2023

Practical trainings start on 18.9.2023
(according to the room schedule)

 Repeated subject MEDICAL BIOPHYSICS

All students,
who, for any reason, have to repeat the medical biophysics exam or do not have it recognized after transferring from another university or faculty, are obliged to complete the subject in full extent, I. e. lectures, practical exercises, continuous tests, in accordance with subject assessment rules..


Contact your teacher from the previous year as soon as possible.

Compulsory and non-compulsory optional subjects