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Lecture 1 + 2 - Anamnesis, taking patient history, physical examinations, status praesens generalis, head and neck examination

Lecture 3 - Symptomes and syndromes in internal medicine

Lecture 4 - ECG (not publicated)

Lecture 5 - Imagine methods and laboratory tests

Lecture 6 - Cardiology 

Lecture 7 - Pneumology

Lecture 8 - Gastroenterology 

Lecture 9a - Endocrinology
Lecture 9b - Diabetology

Lecture 10 - Rheumatology

Lecture 11 - Nephrology

Lecture 12 - Haemathology 

Lecture 13 - Angiology




6. class GM

Seminars for 6. class which dropped out:

Presentations in cardiology (during practicals in National Hearth Institute):

Presentations in haematology (during practicals) can be find on portal MEFANET

Presentations in oncology (during practicals at National Oncology Institute):







Interesting learning web-pages

Virtual Simulation of Patient-management with COVID-19

Rutherford Medicine
Learning videos mostly in cardiology.