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Diploma thesis

Diploma work

Final thesis - the diploma thesis is a part of the study. In the diploma thesis, the student is supposed to demonstrate his/her abilities to work creatively in the chosen study discipline completed within his/her study programme. The principal characteristics, which the final thesis has to contain, shall be regulated by the by the internal provision of CU published by the Rector.

The diploma thesis is written under the guidance of the leader of the final thesis (the supervisor).

The student is required to prepare the diploma work during the 4th and 5th year, because the defense will be at the beginning of the 6th year.

The thesis shall be reviewed by a objector (or objectors in case of the doctoral study). The objector elaborates a written review of the final thesis. The student who has elaborated the final thesis has the right to make the acquaintance of the reviews of the thesis (review of the leader of the final thesis and the objector/objectors) three days before the defence at latest.

The deadline for submitting the diploma thesis is 14.1.2022

The term for the defense of the thesis is 7.2.2022-18.3.2022

The defence of the final thesis is considered to be a state exam. The result of the final thesis defence shall be evaluated by the grades from A to Fx. If the leader of the final thesis or the objector/objectors is not member of the exam commission, they shall be invited to the defence of the final thesis and have an advisor vote by its evaluation. About the result of the final thesis defence decides the commission by voting.

The final thesis can be elaborated in the Slovak, Czech language or another language, usually English, if the Dean approves it. In case of a thesis written in another language, this thesis shall contain a summary in the Slovak language in scope of one page at least.


Information concerning administration of all of theses

Changing the thesis topic will only be possible by the end of the winter semester of the academic year in which the student is enrolled in the fifth class. The student must request the change in writing form.

Because the degree documents (diploma, certificate, Diploma Supplement) are pulled with the data from the AIS, it is extremely important that the topic of theses are written correctly. The topic in the English language is written with a capital letter in all fully significant word, except conjunctions and prepositions, which are written with a small initial letter.

The committee for the defence of the diploma theses


Prof. Juraj Payer, MD, PhD, MPH, FRCP, FEFIM


Prof. Andrej Dukát, MD, PhD, FRCP, FESC
Assoc. Prof. Peter Jackuliak, MD, PhD., MPH, FEFIM
Assoc. Prof. Zdenko Killinger, MD, PhD.
Assoc. Prof. Tomáš Koller, MD, PhD.
Assoc. Prof. Martin Kužma, MD, PhD.

Submission of the diploma thesis

Deadline for submission of diploma thesis, in accordance with valid schedule of full time study, is September 30th. Student submits 2 copies of diploma thesis in hardback version to the clinic/department, where was the diploma thesis elaborated. Clinic/department will keep one copy of diploma thesis.

In the same date (September 30th, 2018) is student required to uploaded electronic version of diploma thesis to the AIS2. After this term it won’t be possible to upload diploma thesis to the AIS2! Format of diploma thesis has to be PDF (instruction to transfer text to PDF), including all
attachments, if the thesis consists. File cannot be password protected and it has to be convertible to the plain text. Electronic version of the diploma thesis has to be identical with the printed version.

Before you upload your diploma thesis to the AIS2 is necessary, that your supervisor confirm your final version and give permission for submitting of your diploma thesis. When you will be sure, that your version is the last and you do not need to do any changes, mark in AIS2 your diploma thesis as a final. You can do it only ONCE! After this step, diploma thesis will be sent to the control of originality, and it won’t be possible to uploaded thesis for the second time 
In case, that changes compared to the original of diploma thesis assignment have been made, is necessary to print and sign new assignment, which is required part of the diploma thesis. Details in the diploma thesis assignment have to be identical with diploma thesis details. Please note, that diploma thesis has only supervisor not a trainer.

Student, who won’t submit diploma thesis till September 30 th 2017, has to deliver official written request for prolongation of diploma thesis submission. This request must contain statement of diploma thesis supervisor and head of department, organizing defence. Diploma thesis has to be uploaded to the AIS2, at least 21 calendar days, but at most 90 calendar days, before diploma thesis defence.
Students, which won’t manage to perform defence of diploma thesis till June  2019, will be able to defence in august.

All documents (the title in AIS, acceptance letter, printed title of the diploma work assignment /mandatory part of a thesis/) have to be IDENTICAL!

Defence of the diploma thesis

The defence of the diploma theses will be on