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Enrolment for academic year 2024/2025

Enrolment for the academic year 2024/2025



General Medicine / Dentistry 2nd – 6th year of study

                            2nd class – 4th September 2024 (Wednesday)

                            3rd class – 5th September 2024 (Thursday)

                            4th class – 9th September 2024 (Monday)

                            5th class – 10th September 2024 (Tuesday)

                            6th class – 11th September 2024 (Wednesday)


The enrolment will be according to the schedule - by online form.

It will be done by the relevant study officer of the study department in the AIS2:


General Medicine

Mgr. Timea Zubáková responsible for 1st, 3rd and 5th year of study

Mgr. Miroslava Cviková responsible for 2nd, 4th and 6th year of study



Bc. Peter Ševčík responsible for 1st – 6th year of study


In order to continue his/her studies, a full-time student in a doctor study programme with a standard period of study of six years must demonstrate the acquisition of a minimum number of credits in the control stages of the study as follows (Internal Regulation No. 31/2023, Study Regulations of Comenius University Bratislava, Faculty of Medicine, Art. 15 Control stages of study) : 



Control stage of studyNumber of credits
at the end of the first semester 15 credits 
at the end of the first year of studies 48 credits 
at the end of the second year of studies 108 credits 
at the end of the third year of studies 168 credits 
at the end of the fourth year of studies 228 credits 
at the end of the fifth year of studies 288 credits 
at the end of the sixth year of studies 348 credits 
at the end of the seventh year of studies 354 credits 
at the end of the eighth year of studies 360 credits 




1.Check in AIS2 completeness and correctness of enrolled evaluation of subjects from academic year 2023/2024. If the the evaluation will not be enrolled, particular subject will be repeatedly enrolled!

In case of any issue, please contact the responsible teacher or the clinic/institute, whereyou obtained the credits.

2. Pay the tuition fee to the faculty´s bank account until 31th August 2023.

Payment of the fee is a condition for the enrollment to the higher year of study.

More information will be sent to you via email to your official @uniba-email.



General Medicine and Dentistry – 1st year of study

will be on 13th September 2024 (Friday) at 8,00 a.m. - presence form (address will be confirmed via email)


Education for academic year 2024/2025 starts on 16th September 2024.