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Instructions for authors

Proceedings format

The written work for Students' Science Conference should be prepared in the form of short publication – short article with a recommended length of cca. 1500-2000 words.

Technical instructions: Letter type Times New Roman, size 12, single-spaced, alignment: left, borders: 2,5 cm

Template for undergraduate students: TEMPLATE

Template for PhD students: TEMPLATE

As the authors cite only the active participants (presenting authors). Other authors (trainers and tutors excepted) should be cited as the co-authors. Only active participants will receive a certificate of participation.

(kópia 1)

Štruktúra hlavičky práce prihlasovanej na konferenciu ŠVOČ (pregraduálni študenti)
Štruktúra hlavičky práce prihlasovanej na konferenciu doktorandov

Text structure

The text should be structured and should contain the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and References.

Background – Introduction; this is a brief description of the information that is known about the reported problem.

Methods explain how you carried out your study, the design of experiments, the experimental groups and how the data were analyzed (statistical methods).

Results must be clearly formulated. If necessary, indicate the statistical significance. In this section you can use 2-3 tables or graphs. Make sure that the results are understandable. If you use abbreviations, explain them.

The last part of the article is the discussion. It should contain the confrontation of your results with the other data from the literature. Do not forget to point at the results of your research which are new and original.

The text, together with tables and pictures (if necessary) and without header and references should not exceed 1500-2000 words. Do not number the pages. Do not use the abbreviations in title.

Acknowledgements. It is an optional section that contain acknowledgements of personal and financial assistance.


References should be numbered consecutively in the order, in which they are first mentioned in the text. For citation in the text the numbers of the appropriate references should be referred in brackets. Example: Similar results were refereed by other authors (4,6, 8-10). Do not use more than 10-15 references.

Provide all names of authors when fewer than seven: when seven or more, list the first three and add et al. Only those publications to which the text refers should be given to the references.


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