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Our department supports the development of pulmonary ventilation for patients with Covid-19

Another activity we supported is the development of pulmonary ventilation for patients affected by COVID-19 disease. We are glad that we could help to test the prototype on our simulators. PhD students Mgr. Samuel Furka and Mgr. Daniel Furka from the Department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Comenius University in cooperation with a medic and assistant on anesthesiology, Dalibor Gallik from the Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava and the Head of the Department of Chemotherapy Ambulance, JUDr. MUDr. Patrik Palack MBA. H. Phd. LL.M., from the National Institute of Oncology, have developed a replacement for pulmonary ventilation that can be used when no "standard" device is available in hospitals. The advantage of this Q-vent alternative ventilation is a construction cost of approximately € 80 and compatibility with various conventional hospital devices.

Our department helps get over Covid-19

Our department reacts on the call "Pomôž nemocnici" (https://pomoznemocnici.sk/), so we used our 3D printers to print holders for face shields. They will be delivered to the medical persons to protect them when working with risk and infectious patients. We can print 20 pcs/day. Credits: Tomáš Bernat, medical student for his great help #pomoznemocnici

New USG phantoms!

Recently, we have started to produce our own ultrasonography (USG) phantoms aiming to train USG. USG is fast and non-invasive method allowing one to perform fast screening. Along with the USG simulator Vimedix and several real USG devices, we plan to produce wide range of different phantoms for the purpose of USG education.

The ones presented herein were fabricated to train intravenous access using USG. As you can see, quality of both the USG picture and material are really nice.

Medail for our boss!

Head of our simulation department was appreciated by a medail from the rector of Comenius University during celebration 100 years of Faculty od Medicine! Congrats 

Our new division

Brand new division of our Department had been opened at the Children hospital (Kramare). New simulation center involves pediatric patient simulator and it will be used for the 4th and 5th year. Staff of the Kramare division is looking forward to see you there !