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Nursing I - 1st year GM, winter semester

Course syllabus and learning outcomes

Learning goal:

Upon completion of this course the student will acquire basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills in Nursing 1.

Learning objectives:


After successful completion of the course students will be able to:

-   describe the principles of infection prevention in health care,

-   subdivide organization of health care in the Slovak Republic,

-   describe the health care of basic patient needs,

-   interpret legislation and regulations of nursing profession,

-   use theoretical knowledge in performing of professional nursing procedures in health care.

Practical skills:

After successful completion of the course student will be able to demonstrate:

-   practical skills in nosocomial infections prevention, in hand hygiene and in using of personal protective equipment,

-   practical skills in patient positioning, mobilization and verticalization,

-   practical skills in administering of enema and urinary catheterization,

-   practical skills in monitoring and recording vital signs,

-   practical skills in specimen collection for laboratory examination,

-   practical skills in enteral and topical methods of medications administration.

Syllabus summary. Infection prevention in health care. Hand hygiene in health care. Organization of health care in the Slovak Republic. Legislation and regulations of nursing as profession. Health care of basic patient needs. Hospital visit. Prevention of pressure ulcers. Care of colon and urinary elimination (enema administration, urinary catheterization). Vital signs monitoring and recording (pulse, blood pressure, respiration, body temperature). Specimen collection (blood, urine, stool, sputum, swabs). Administration of medications (enteral and topical methods).

Course requirements: 

  • 100% attendance at the practicals
  • Final exam: written test 



Study literature

Grežďová, I., Polhorská, M. 2018. Professional nursing procedures 1. Textbook for general medicine study programme. First edition. Slovak Academic Press s.r.o., Bratislava, 2018. 110 p.

Contacts on teachers

PhDr. Iveta Grežďová, PhD. iveta.grezdovafmed.uniba.sk

PhDr. Miriam Polhorská, PhD. miriam.polhorska@fmed.uniba.sk