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Clinical Practice - Nursing 1, 2nd year, GM

According to the Study Regulations of FM CU in Bratislava (Year Book 2023/24) the student of the study programme General Medicine: 2nd year is required to complete the compulsory clinical practice based on the syllabus after completed educational part of the summer semester in the period from May 27, 2024 till August 30, 2024.

Range, place and syllabus

The student is obliged to work 8 hours per day for duration 1 week - 40 hours completely in the period from May 27, 2024 till August 30, 2024. According to the Universities Act is not possible in September to perform the compulsory clinical practice for the previous academic year.

Compulsory clinical practice of Nursing1 have to be realized in adult patients hospitals in internal, geriatric, oncology, cardiology, neurology, haematology and pneumology department/clinic, not in outpatient departments.

Syllabus can be print HERE

SYLLABUS of the clinical practice - Nursing 1: Organization of nursing care in a department in a hospital or clinic. Caring of patient's basic needs: caring of patient's bed, patient food administration. Care of urinary elimination: female catheterization, assisting at the male catheterization, care of patients with permanent catheter. Care of colon elimination: enema administration. Vital signs monitoring: body temperature, respiration, pulse and blood pressure measurement and recording. Specimen collection: blood specimen collection (capillary and venous) for different types of analysis, urine, stool specimen collection and collection of the other types of biological specimen. Administration of medications: oral administration, administration of medications into the eye, ear, nose, on the skin, into rectum, by inhalation to the respiratory tract, administration of oxygen. Keeping medical records of a patient, admission, transfer and discharge of a patient.

Type of activities: Clinical practice - 40 hours/semester 

Course requirements: 100% clinical practise attendance 

Clinical training of students is provided under the supervision of the head of the department and the head nurse. 

There is a possibility to attend the compulsory clinical practice in own country of student or in a healthcare facility in Slovakia. Condition to perform compulsory clinical practice in Slovak hospitals is the student ability to speak and understand the Slovak language on a very good level. The list of Slovak hospitals with which the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University concluded a contractual relationship for the performance of compulsory practice is published on the notice board of the Study department at Deanʼs office of Faculty of Medicine.

Required documents and instructions

Required documents of compulsory clinical practice are Certificate of attending the compulsory clinical practice and Recorder of clinical practice - LogBook.

1. Certificate of attending the compulsory clinical practice:

  • Student is required to print the Certificate available HERE
  • Student is required to fill the Certificate completely. Certificate must contain completed identification data, date of starting and ending the practice, department/clinic type.
  • Student is required to submit the Certificate to the head of chosen department/clinic in a hospital.
  • After completion of the practice, head of the department/clinic confirms the length the compulsory clinical practice and writes evaluation of studentʼs work and attendance on the compulsory clinical practice of Nursing 1, stamps and signs of Certificate.

1.   Recorder of compulsory clinical practice – LogBook:

  • Pick up LogBook at the Study department. Choose a study group representative who will take the LogBook for the entire study group. The LogBook will not be used individually.
  • LogBook contains organizational instructions and its integral part is the list of assigned practical procedures which the student will perform during the compulsory practice Nursing 1. It serves for recording of compulsory practices from other academic subjects in higher grades too.
  • Student is required to fill in LogBook name, surname, academic year on p. 1, declaration on p. 3 with date and studentʼs signature.
  • Student is required to know Organizational instructions on p. 5.
  • LogBook part of compulsory clinical practice of Nursing 1 must be completely filled in 6-8 pp. LogBook for clinical procedures must contain name of workplace, OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) date, signature of responsible person for OHS, date of arrival and departure at/from the workplace for each day, signature of the head nurse, number of hours for each day and signature and stamp of the head/consultant (see page 6). In the List of practical procedures (see pages 6-8) is needed to have a date, signature and stamp of responsible person at each procedure.


  1. The student is obliged to present himself/herself at the recommended inpatient department at least 21 days before beginning of practice to a respective head of department/consultant and the Directorate to conclude an agreement and make deal about dates and specific place where the compulsory clinical practice will take place. 
  2. Student can provide syllabus of compulsory clinical practice to head of department, if it is required.
  3. The student talks to head of department/consultant in order to plan the work schedule of the student, date of OHS training (Occupational Health and Safety) and get information on the place for changing clothes.  
  4. At the latest on the arrival day to the practice at department, the student takes part in OHS training, completion of which is confirmed by the date and signature of a duly authorized physician into the table providing Confirmation on completion of OHS training (see page 6).  
  5. The student is obliged to complete the practice in full. In case of illness or other serious situations, it is necessary to substitute the practice after agreement with the head/consultant of the department.


1. The student will receive credits for realization of compulsory clinical practice in AIS2 if:

  • performs Nursing 1 clinical practice in the period of time from May 27, 2024 till August 30, 2024,
  • sends scan of completely filled Certificate of attending the clinical practice to the email address of responsible teacher (on the basis of the studentʼs affiliation to the study group in the subject Nursing 1, see section "Responsible teachers and contacts" )  till August 30, 2024.
  • sends scan of completely filled LogBook part of compulsory clinical practice of Nursing 1 on 6- 8 pp.
  • In subject of mail write the following: SP Nursing 1 group... (Summer Practice Nursing 1 + write number of your group). 

2. The responsible teacher will review the scanned certificate and logbook and enter credits in AIS until August 31, 2024. Additional recording of credits is not possible.

3. The student is obliged to submit the Certificate of attending the compulsory clinical practice during enrolment into next study year.

4. In case the student passed clinical practice in the past, we can accept the practice and credits only in context of I. or II. degree (Bc., Mgr.) of pregradual study programme Nursing, Midwife or Rescue.

Responsible teachers and contacts

PhDr. Iveta Grežďová, PhD. grezdova1@uniba.sk  (Nursing 1, study groups:  1,3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 14)

PhDr. Miriam Polhorská, PhD. polhorska1@uniba.sk (Nursing 1, study groups: 2, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 15   )