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Team Based Learning

In correspondence with regulations for prevention of COVID 19 spreading, team based learning will not take place in winter semester of academic year 2021-22.



What is Team Based Learning

Team based learning (TBL)

Team based learning (TBL) is a learning strategy , where students are placed into small learning teams (usually about 5-7 members). The structure of TBL includes

1. Preparatory phase: lectures, practical classes, self-study of the recommended literature, etc.

2. Activities „in the class“, that include several steps shown in the scheme below.

TBL is an obligatory part of the physiology teaching. In each semester, 2 modules of  TBL are included into the schedule.




(120 min)

Reading assignment, self-study



IRAT – Indivi-dual Readiness Assurance Test


15 min


TRAT - Team Readiness

Assurance Test


30 – 50 min


Mini Lecture (optional)


10 min


Clinical Application of the Knowledge 



30 – 50 min

Topic of the TBL is published 7-10 days prior to TBL


Multiple choice test (5 questions) is completed on individual basis (written)



The same multiple choice test is completed by teams. Answers are presented (by using cards).  Teams explain and discuss their answers.



To clarify confusion shown by the tests.


A clinical problem  on the topic is presented. Five mulitiple choice questions are answered.  Teams explain and discuss their answers. 


TBL gives you the opportunity

-  to study the topics and to assess our individual knowledge,

-  to deepen the understanding of the main concepts in physiology within a team discussion,

-  to train application of theoretical knowledge into clinical context, 

- to train clinical reasoning.


It has been shown that TBL sessions improve the study performance of students.