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Basic information about physiology teaching

Physiology is being taught in the 2nd year of General medicine studies and its duration is 2 semesters. Course Physiology 1 takes place in winter semester. After its successful completing the student obtains 9 credits. Course Physiology 2 takes place in the summer semester and is completed by successful passing of the the final examination (11 credits).


Organization of the online form of physiology teaching in winter semester 2020/2021 




In the academic year 2020/21, the lectures will be in available on-line, as slides with narrative in form of MP4 or ppsx. Lectures will be published according to the programme at the beginning of every week in the system MS Teams in the team Fyziológia/Physiology – študijné materiály/study materials. The lecturers will be available for consultations to the topic of their lectures in the scheduled time via the system MS Teams. The time of consultations will be announced in the webpages of the Institute of Physiology.



Online practicals

The practical exercises will take place in the form of a videoconference in MS Teams at a time determined by the timetable.

Participation in online practical exercises is obligatory in full extent.

Each teacher will provide to his/her group a theoretical introduction to the topic in form of a Power Point presentation via MS Teams one week in advance. Recommended literature, links to lectures and minimum requirements for the topic of the current week will be provided.

Students are required to study topics according to the program of practical exercises and come to the exercises ready.

Part of the practical training are also consultations, that teachers provide to their groups.



Assessment of the students’ performance

- Students’ performance will be checked in form of an oral assessment. It will take place 4 times during the semester, always after completing the practical training in the chapter (metabolism and renal physiology, cardiovascular system, senses and central nervous system, endocrine system and reproduction).

- The dates of the assessment are stated in the programme of practical classes. The assessment takes place in the time of the practical classes or consultations.

- The teacher will gradually contact the students of his/her group via MS Teams video conference. The assessment is individual, always one student will be contacted. The teacher will ask 5 fundamental questions from the chapter. The student is expected to answer immediately without preparation. Material of the whole chapters will be assessed. Students will be informed by their teachers about resources to study.

- The individual assessment of the student should take approximately 10 minutes.



- The teacher evaluates each of the answers with a mark in the range A-Fx.

- The examination is evaluated as successfully completed, if the student answers all questions with marks A-E, no questions may be evaluated with Fx.

- If one or more answers are evaluated with Fx, the assessment must be repeated. The students have two additional opportunities to be assessed. 

- At the end of the semester all mark of all assessments will beevaluated and the student’s performance in % will be calculated. The mark will be based on the percent. The better marks for the individual answers the student receives, the better his / her final evaluation will be.




Prof. MUDr. Daniela Ostatníková, PhD.                                                     

Head of the Institute of Physiology