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The final examination of Physiology consists of the written test and the oral examination. The date for which the student has signed, is the date of the oral examination. The test takes place one day before.


Written test

Beginning: 8.00 a.m. (! one day before the oral exam)

Location: Practical room B, Institute of Physiology


The written test consists of 10 questions on various chapters of physiology. Students are expected to write short answers. Score for each question is maximum 4 points, i.e. maximal score for the test is 40 points. Minimum of 28 points is required to pass the test. The test lasts 30 minutes.

Students will be informed about the results by the examiner who evaluated their test.


Oral examination

Students who successfully passed the test will receive in the afternoon an invitation to the oral examination from their examiner via e-mail or a MS Teams message. The invitation will specify the room and time when the student is expected to come for the examination.

The student draws two questions. About 10 minutes are available for the student to prepare short notes, then the student presents the topic. The examiner asks additional questions. 

When awarding the final mark of the physiology examination, the performance at the oral examination, as well as the test result and the student's marks obtained in the first and the second semester are taken into account.


Important notice

- The student can proceed to the oral examination only if he/she passed the written test (i.e. received 28 points or more). This applies for all the examination terms with exception of the last (second) term in students who transfer physiology examination into the 3rd year. These students are allowed to take the oral examination also in case if they fail in the written part (i.e. obtain less than 28 points).

- The student who failed the oral examination, but passed the test, does not need to repeat the test during the next examination date(s).

- The student can proceed to the physiology examination only if he/she completed both courses of physiology and fulfilled the prerequisite, i.e. successfully passed the anatomy examination. The student who has not passed the examination of anatomy or has not completed both courses of physiology will not be accepted for examination of physiology and his/her term will be expired.

- The students are required to bring their student cards or ID cards for the test and oral examination.

- A formal dress is required for the examination.