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- All lectures are available in on-line form of videos with narrative, through the MS Teams system - team: “Fyziológia/Physiology – ZL-prednášky/DEN-lectures“. Lectures are organized according to the topics/systems (e.g. Blood, Respiration, Metabolism, etc.).

- In particular weeks preceding the credit tests, a special lectures with a summary of the key concepts of a chapter will be offered in a face-to-face form in the auditory.

- At the end of the special lecture, students will also have the opportunity to consult the topic, to ask questions and to clarify any uncertainties. The online consultations will not be offered.

- The programme of physiology lectures can be found on the website of the Institute of Physiology. The topics are scheduled for individual weeks so that students have study material available in advance to prepare for practicals and tests. The dates of the special lectures offering a summary of the key concepts and consultations are in the programme of lectures in the grey fields.



- Practical classes for individual study groups take place in the time indicated by the timetable of the Institute of Physiology and they last 3 hours. Students are not allowed to join practicals of another study group.

- Practicals take place in the practical rooms of the Institute of Physiology in accordance with the programme of practicals. The programme for individual weeks of the semester is available on the website of the Institute of Physiology.

- Students are required to study the topic of the practicals in advance and to come to the practical prepared. At the beginning of the practicals, they will be examined orally or by a short test/quizz.

- The group teachers will recommend/provide study materials for individual practicals.

Substitution of absences

- If due to serious reasons a student is unable to participate in a practical, he/she is expected to apologize and explain his/her absence.

- Students are obliged to substitute each absence. Participation in all practical classes is one of the conditions for obtaining credits.

- It is in the competence of the group teacher to enable the substitution of absence in the same week with another study group taught by the respective teacher. In exceptional cases, the group teacher may allow a substitution with another teacher, provided that he/she has the capacity to accept the student and confirms this in written form (by email).

- Regular substitutions take place at the end of the semester in the compensatory week.

- The teacher may agree to substitute not more than 3 absences.



- Assessment is in the form of credit tests. During the semester, students have to take 3 - 4 credit tests, their dates are indicated in the programme of the physiology practicals.

- The teacher informs the students in advance which topics they should study for the credit test.

- All tests are in written form. The students have to answer 10 short questions (creative answers, it is not a multiple-choice test). The time to complete the test is 30 minutes. For each of the questions, the student can get 0 - 4 points, i.e. maximum 40 points. The minimum percent to pass the test is 70%, which corresponds to 28 points.

- If the student fails the first test, he/she has two other chances to repeat the test, i.e. he/she has the chance to write each credit test a maximum of three times.

- Depending on the total sum of the points obtained in 3 - 4 credit tests, the student receives a semester mark (range A – Fx).


FINAL EXAMINATION (Winter semester)

The standard parts of the final examination of physiology for DEN include:

- written test,

- oral examination.

Updated information about the final examination will be published in accordance with the study regulations no later than one month before the beginning of the examination period. See in item Examinations (left side).



Requirements for obtaining the credits


1. For obtaining the credits for physiology the student must comply with the following requirements:

- to take part in all practical classes and seminars (in-class and online),

- to pass all the credit tests/oral assessments taking place after completing each physiology chapter,

- to write protocols (laboratory records) from all performed practical tasks,

- to study and come prepared for the practical classes, to be active in work during practical classes,

- to prepare assigned projects for seminars,

- in the course Physiology 2, to pass the final examination.

2. Credits are awarded (at latest in the last day of the examination period of the respective semester):

- after completing education in the 1st course – by the teacher of practical classes,

- after completing education in the 2nd course – by the examiner after passing the final examination.

3. A student who cannot take part in the practical class is required to apologize and to explain the absence. In the case of a pardoned absence, the compensation will take place at the end of semester in the compensatory or credit week. Maximum 3 absences are tolerated and can be substituted free of charge. At the end of semester the way and the date of compensation follows the Dean´s Regulation 3/2010.

4. The student who missed more than 3 practical classes or does not meet any of the other requirements (except the passing of the final examination) has to attend the respective course of physiology in full extent in the next academic year.

5. Important notice: Obtaining the credits for the course Physiology 1 is the prerequisite for attending the course Physiology 2! Students who failed to get credits for the course Physiology 1, cannot proceed to the course Physiology 2 and cannot get credits for this course.



                                     Prof. Daniela Ostatníková, MD, PhD.

                                      Head of the Institute of Physiology