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Compulsory literature for Physiology - online purchase possible

The bookstore CU FM on Sasinkova 4 is currently closed, however it offers online purchase of books. In this way the students have the option to buy their compulsory literature for Physiology.   

Ostatníková a spol.: Basics of Medical Physiology 

Ostatníková a spol.: Laboratory Guide to Medical Physiology

More information can be found on



(List of available books)

Organization of the online teaching Summer semester 2020-21


In the academic year 2020/21, the lectures will be available on-line, as slides with narrative in form of MP4 or ppsx. Lectures will be published in the system MS Teams in the team Fyziológia/Physiology – študijné materiály/study materials. The lecturers will be available for consultations to the topic of their lectures via the system MS Teams.


The practical exercises will take place in the form of videoconference in MS Teams at the time determined by timetable. Participation in online practical exercises is obligatory in full extent.


Students’ performance will be checked in form of an oral assessment. It will take place 3 times during semester, always after completing the practical training in the chapter.

The dates of the assessment are stated in the programme of practical classes. The assessment takes place in the time of the practical classes or consultations.

The teacher will gradually contact the students of his group via MS Teams video conference. The assessment is individual, always one student will be contacted. The teacher will ask 5 fundamental questions from the chapter. The student is expected to answer immediately without preparation.


- The teacher evaluates each of the answers with a mark in the range A-Fx.

- The examination is evaluated as successfully completed, if student answers all questions with the rating A-E.

- If student obtains mark Fx for 1 or more questions, he / she has to repeat and has 2 more opportunities to be assessed in another dates.

- At the end of semester all marks of  successfully completed assessments will be evaluated. The better marks for the individual answers student receives, the better his / her final evaluation will be.



Requirements for obtaining the credits for physiology


  1. For obtaining the credits for physiology the student must comply with following requirements:
  • to take part in all practical classes and seminars
  • to write protocols (laboratory records) from all practical tasks
  • to prepare assigned projects for seminars
  • to be active in work during practical classes
  • to pass the regular checking of knowledge during the practical classes
  • to pass all the credit tests
  • to pass the examination of physiology at the end of the 2nd  course
  1. Credits (at latest in the last day of the examination period of the respective semester) are given:
  • after completing education in the 1st course – by the teacher of practical classes     
  • after completing education in the 2nd course – by the examiner
  1. The student who can not take part in the practical class is required to apologize and to explain the absence. In the case of pardoned absence he/she can compensate the absence during the same week or at the end of semester.  At the end of semester the way and the date of compensation will be set by the teacher according to the Dean´s Regulation 3/2010.
  2. The student who missed more than 5 practical classes or does not meet any other requirement (except the passing the examination of physiology) has to attend the respective course of physiology in full extent in the next academic year.
  3. Notice: Obtaining the credits for the course Physiology 1 is the prerequisite for attending the course Physiology 2!