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Brain – the base for human perception and cognition

The first seminar for students who have signed for the compulsory optional subject "Brain- the base for perception and cognition" will take place on  WEDNESDAY October the 2nd, 5.30 PM  at the Small Auditory, Sasinkova 4 (New Theoretical Institutes).

Brain – the base for human perception and cognition

Brain – the base for  human perception and cognition (only 4th class)

Complex functions of the brain. Functional organization of neural circuits. Neuronal signaling and neuronal plasticity.

General principles of cognitive and behavioral physiology and pathophysiology.

Cognitive disorders. Functional specialization of brain hemispheres, dominant hemispere syndromes. Perception, attention and awareness and its disorders.

Neurobehavioral  and neurodevelopmental disorders in children focused on autism.



Recommended literature

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The biology of the Mind, Gazzaniga, M.S., et al, WW Norton & Co, 2013