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Surgical pathology

Surgical pathology

The education of compulsory optional subject


will start on 14.2.2023 at 17:30 online through MS Teams.



Sylabus of seminars in compulsory optional subject


“S U R G I C A L      P A T H O L O G Y”


1. Histopathological diagnostics of cervical and endometrial carcinoma.  pdf.   pdf.

Prof. MUDr. Ľudovít Danihel, PhD. (14.2.2023  17.30 – 19.20 h)


2. Clinical and pathological classification of hemopoietic malignancies.   pdf.

Prof. MUDr. Pavel Babál, CSc. (21.2.2023  17.30 – 19.20 h)


3. Gynecologic cytology – corelation with clinical findings.     pdf.

MUDr. Andrea Janegová, PhD. (28.2.2023  17.30 – 19.20 h)


4. COVID-19. Pathology and clinical presentation.

MUDr. Mgr. Michal Palkovič, PhD., MPH (7.3.2023  17.30 – 19.20 h)


5. Basics of hyperbaric medicine.                              pdf.

MUDr. Mgr. Michal Palkovič, PhD., MPH (14.3.2023  17.30 – 19.20 h)


6. Translational research in the field of testicular germ cell tumors.   pdf.

Doc. MUDr. Zuzana Čierna, PhD. (21.3.2023  17.30 – 19.20 h)


7. Gestational trophoblastic disease – correlation of morphological and clinical
findings.   pdf.

Prof. MUDr. Ľudovít Danihel, PhD. (28.3.2023  17.30 – 19.20 h)


8. New aspects of vascular complications of diabetes mellitus.

MUDr. Pavol Janega, PhD. (4.4.2023 17.30 – 19.20 h)


9. Hereditary colorectal carcinoma.

MUDr. Pavol Janega, PhD. (11.4.2023 17.30 – 19.20 h)


10. Fast frozen section histology in clinical praxis.

MUDr. Andrea Janegová, PhD. (18.4.2023 17.30 – 19.20 h)

Questions for the final examination

1.       Vascular complications of diabetes mellitus.

2.       Tissue reparation in diabetic patients.

3.       Diabetic foot.

4.       Lynch syndrome

5.       Variants of colorectal carcinoma based of inheritance

6.       Antitumor immunity

7.       Different histopathologic changes and their clinical correlation in SARS-CoV-2 infection.

8.       Possibilities for SARS-CoV-2 detection in biological materials.

9.       Explain interpersonal clinical variability of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the population.

10.   Different forms of vaccine against COVID-19, their effectivity, unwished effects, categorization of fatalities.

11.   Use of HBOx therapy in clinical praxis.

12.   Explain principles hyperbaric oxygen effects in the human organism.

13.   Classification of malignant B-cell lymphoproliferations.

14.   Classification of malignant T-cell lymphoproliferations.

15.   Hodgkin lymphoma.

16.   Morphological and immunohistochemical diagnostics of uterine cervix carcinoma.

17.   Morphological and immunohistochemical diagnostics of endometrial carcinoma.

18.   Hydatidiform mole – classification and characteristics.

19.   Trophoblastic tumors – immunohistochemical dg.

20.   Cervical cancer screening

21.   Dysplastic changes of the uterine cervix

22.   Evaluation of cervical cytology according to the Bethesda system

23.   Conventional smear (PAP smear) and LBC (liquid-based cytology) – difference, advantages and disadvantages.

24.   Management of patient with HSIL

25.   Indications for a frozen section and intraoperative histology

26.   Intraoperative histology of sentinel lymph nodes - indication and aim of evaluation

27.   Intraoperative histology in gynecology (ovary, uterus, breast)

28.   Etiopathogenesis of testicular germ-cell tumors

29.   Immunohistochemical characterization of testicular germ-cell tumors

30.   Potential prognostic markers of testicular germ-cell tumors