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Project „Communication and internationalization as a tool for improving the quality of education and research at Comenius University.“ 

The Institute of Medical Terminology and Foreign Languages has prepared English language courses for Comenius University employees who interact particularly with international students. 

The courses take place at the Faculty of Medicine in the academic year 2023-2024.

The main aim is to ensure and increase the English language competence in situations dealing with various study issues, teaching, accommodation, scholarship, training, etc., thus enhancing communication fluency and preventing any misunderstandings. 

The content of the training is tailored to the groups according to their initial language level and the thematic scope they need to focus on. 


Language course „Start with English“: Pronunciation and meaning of app. 500 most frequent words, the ability to use these words in sentences and meaningful communication at the university.

Language course „Continue with English“: Increasing English language competency, revising acquired knowledge, new phrases, vocabulary, improving verbal skills and confidence in English communication.