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Exam from Radiology and nuclear medicine has 2 parts

Exam from Radiology and nuclear medicine

Exam from Radiology and nuclear medicine has 2 parts - radiology and nuclear medicine, both at the same day, the date and place of exam will be announced in AIS during exam period.


Radiology exam is based on full attendance of all practicals.


Written part is composed of 15 multiple choice questions and description of 5 radilogy images (Xray, CT, MRI, ultrasound) and 2 nuclear medicine images on images student is required to write - what type of imaging modality is presented at picture, with/without contrast agent application, basic anatomy and idea of pathology. Written exam last 60 minutes, and the minimum achieved is 70%. 


Recommended literature:


Basics of imaging methods, indications, practical informations and reporting of images will be presented at radiology lectures and practicals.


Lange Basic Radiology, 2010, Chen MYM, Pope TL, Ott DJ, English, 2010, ISBN: 0071627081