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Subject name: Medical Psychology and Communication

Target group: students of the 2nd year in general medicine program

Education timeframe: summer semester

Education extent: 12/10 ES


The lectures will be held online in the summer semester 2020/2021 and will be available in the Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) to which all students have access (via AIS).





1) Medical psychology - concept and basic terms. Structure of psychic functions.

2) Psychophysiology, psychosomatics, psychogenesis.


prof. Pečeňák

assoc. prof. Trebatická /

dr. Hradečná


Consciousness, attention, perception, imagination. Memory, thinking, intelligence.

prof. Pečeňák


1) Emotions, drives, instincts, will, acting.

2) Personality-typology, defense mechanisms of personality


prof. Pečeňák

assoc. prof. Trebatická /

dr. Hradečná


Empathy, assertivity. Psychotherapy – review of concepts and mechanisms.

prof. Pečeňák


Psychological crises. Developmental psychology.

assoc.prof. Trebatická /

dr. Hradečná


Pathopsychology, consultations

prof. Pečeňák


For detailed terms of practical exercises including assigned teachers for individual study groups, see the SCHEDULE.

Practical trainings will take place live online in MS Teams in the summer semester 2020/2021, via teleconferences (meetings) scheduled by teachers.

Practical trainings are compulsory; all presences are required for course completion. Knowledge level (according to specific topic) will be evaluated during each practical by teachers. Compensation of missing practicals must be arranged with the teacher at least 1 day in advance. Payment for compensation: see Dean’s regulation No. 3/2010.




Psychology of the patient. Demonstration and assessment of some attitudes of the patient to his own disease. Psychology of the treatment (placebo effect).


Communication: doctor – patient interaction (assessement and intervention). They include the skills of „active listening“, empathy, non-verbal communication opening, controlling and closing an interview.


Specificity of communication with children and adolescents.


Consultations: Consultations are available during each lecture or practical training.


Compulsory (x) & recommended literature:

x Žucha, I. et al.: Medical Psychology. UK: Bratislava, 2013. ISBN 978-80-223-3371-9

x Coates, G. T.: Notes of Communication: a Few Thougs about the Way We Interact With the Poeple We Meet (online)

x Welsby P. D.: Communication skills in the Medical Interview (online)


Type of the written test: multiple choice (i.e. any number of correct answers possible: 0-4)

Number of questions: 25

Number of answers per question: 4

Time limit to complete the test: 20 minutes

Cut-off score: 60 % of possible points


Time and place of written test: see in AIS according to selected term


Full attendance at practices is the condition for participation in the written test.


Current questions for the written tests can be downloaded via this LINK.