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Questions for Oral Exam GM 5th Year

Ophthalmology - extent of knowledge for the theoretical examination - General Med.- 5th class.



1.     Anatomy of the orbit and adnexal tissues


2.     Anatomy of the eye globe


3.     The optic nerv and the visual pathways


4.      Eye history by eye function disorders, differential diagnosis of pain in eye and adnexal eye tissue


5.     Eye history at the „blurred vision“


6.      Visual acuity – principles of examination, optotypes


7.      Disorders of the refraction system: myopy


8.     Disorders of the refraction system: hyperopy


9.     Disorders of the refraction system: astigmatism


10.  Contact lenses


11.  Accomodiation, presbyopy, stereoscopic vision


12.  Tears, tears production, drainage system, examination methods


13.  Examination in side focal light, biomicroscopy


14.  Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy


15.  Intraocular pressure and tonometry


16.  Visual field, perimetry


17.  Colour vision principles and examination


18.  Physical examination of the eye and auxiliary organs (inspection, palpation, eyelid eversion)


19.  Angiography and ultrasound examination


20.  X-ray, MRI, CT - principles and indication in ophthalmology


21.  Diagnosis of dynamic strabismus


22.  Diagnosis of paralytic strabismus


23.  Electrophysiological examinations in ophthalmology. Optical coherence tomography of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye


24.  Physiological and pathological reactions of the pupil, pupillary reflex arc


25.  Extraocular muscles, function, inervation


26.  Inflammatory diseases and orbital tumors, exophthalmos


27.  Changes in the eyelid position – entropion, ectropion


28.  Inflammatory diseases of the eyelids, eye lashes, inflammation of the glands of the eye lids


29.  Diseases of the lacrimal glands


30.  Diseases of the lacrimal system and lacrimal duct


31.  Non-infectious and allergic conjunctivitis


32.  Dry eye syndroma


33.  Infectious conjunctivitis


34.  Dystrophic-degenerative conjunctival changes


35.  Concomitant strabism


36.  Paralytic strabism


37.  Heterophoria and nystagmus


38.  Purulent superficial corneal inflammation


39.  Trachoma


40.  Non-purulent superficial inflammation of the cornea


41.  Keratitis e lagophthalmo, ophthalmia photoelectrica, vitamin A deficiency


42.  Deep inflammation of the cornea


43.  Dystrophic and degenerative corneal changes


44.  Sclera; episcleritis and scleritis


45.  Iritis, iridocyclitis, chorioretinitis


46.  Tumors of the auxiliary organs of the eye and orbit


47.  The „red eye“ syndroma


48.  Sympathetic ophthalmia


49.  Tumors of the uvea and retina in adults


50.  Tumors of the uveae and retina in children


51.  Hypertonic-sclerotic changes of the retinal vessels


52.  Occlusion of the central retinal vein


53.  Central retinal artery embolism


54.  Diabetic retinopathy - etiopathogenesis, clinical findings


55.  Diabetic retinopathy - treatment


56.  Retinal and macular dystrophy


57.  Age-related macular degeneration - etiopathogenesis, clinical findings


58.  Age-related macular degeneration - treatment


59.  Retinal detachment - etiology, clinical findings


60.  Retinal detachment - treatment


61.  Inflammation, infectious and venereal retinal diseases


62.  Aqueous humor and intraocular pressure


63.  Glaucoma diseases, primary glaucoma


64.  Glaucoma diseases, secondary glaucoma


65.  Glaucoma disease - treatment


66.  Vitreous body diseases


67.  Cataract - senile, clinical findings, classification


68.  Cataract – complicated and traumatic


69.  Cataract in children - treatment


70.  Afakia, pseudofakia - possibilities of correction


71.  Lens position changes


72. Principles of refractive surgery


73.  Chemical injuries and ocular burns of the cornea and conjunctiva - first aid


74.  Basics and principles of reconstructive surgery in perforation and penetration injuries of the eye


75. Eye and systemic diseases


76.  Inflammation of the optic nerve


77.  Optic nerve atrophy


78.  Edema of the optic nerve disc


79.  Congenital malformation of the eye and auxiliaries


80.  Postnatal development of vision


81.  Prevention and screening in ophthalmology