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FIRST AID 2021/22 - Presence and distance learning at the Comenius University


All foreign students of 1st year of General Medicine are going to be included to the virtual classroom of MS Teams, where all relevant study materials (like video lectures etc.) are going to be uploaded in the short time.

1st year students of Groups 1. - 5. who are scheduled to have practicals since 21st of September and two other ongoing Tuesdays (and also all other 1st year students of General Medicine) please login to moja.uniba.sk with your (new) university login and password and check MS Teams App and find the Group "21_CUFM_First_Aid", where you will be latest on Monday (20.09.) evening included and able to find all relevant informations regarding to practicals and also which dates are relevant for you (because you will be in concordance with actual hygienic directives teached in smaller groups than previous planned).

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic will be all lectures and one of three compulsory practicals streamed online in webinar form via MS Teams in the form of Distance Learning. 

All other necessary informations regarding First Aid Class will be provided through MS Teams Group.

Please, check that your Office365 Email-Account from Comenius University is active. If you have some problems with MS Teams or you will not be in course of this week added to the virtual MS Teams Classroom, please contact your teacher Dr. Bachleda at teodor.bachledafmed.uniba.sk

European resuscitation Council (ERC) Guidelines - relevant for study

First Aid - foreign students

Teaching lessons - practicals from First Aid take place at Kolarska street (side entrance to Hospital Milosrdní bratia), 1st flat.


Registration for the exam requires full participation in three practicals. Students with missing practicals need to substitute missing lessons with another group (discuss with teacher) or seminar work before applying for the exam. 

For further details, please contact Dr. Bachleda: teodor.bachleda@fmed.uniba.sk