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Written Test - Internal medicine 2 for 4th class - Dentistry

Written Test - Internal medicine 2 for 4th class - Dentistry


After vaccination against hepatitis B we can detect antibody:

The antibiotic of choice for scarlet fever in patient with allergy to PNC is:                   

Both sides of facial palsy is characteristic finding for:

For prevention of flu it cannot be used:

Liver in acute viral hepatitis is:       

The aim of antiretroviral therapy is:

Syndrome  of infectious mononucleosis is not caused by:               

Swelling of parotid gland in mumps is:             
We can use vaccination against hepatitis:

Which type of influenza virus causes global epidemics or pandemics?

The most important and sensitive marker for acute viral hepatitis is:

The tendency to chronic course  of hepatitis  indicate these markers:

Which hepatitis has the most frequently chronic course:

Fecal – oral transmission is typical for:        

Interferons are not used for treatment:

The most important for treatment of common salmonelosis is:               

Which infections do belong among nosocomial  infections:

Vaccination is available against hepatitis:

Treatment with aminopenicillins is contraindicated for:

The most serious course of malaria is caused by:

Which disease is not opportunistic infection in AIDS?

Which medicament does not decrease a fever:

The best choice for treatment of infections caused by chlamydia is:

One side ulcus on tonsil and low fever is typical for:

These signs are not present during acute viral hepatitis:

Which is the most often damaged valve in endocarditis of intravenous drug abusers?

For an infectious etiology of diarrhea is not typical:

For clinical manifestation of leptospirosis is not typical:

Jaundice and fever is not typical for:

 One of them does not belong to herpetic viruses:

This sign is not present in infectious mononucleosis:

Varicella can be treated  by:

Pseudomembranous  colitis is caused by:

Which is the main vector of Lyme borreliosis?

Which clinical manifestation does not belong to actinomycosis?

The most frequent pathogen of secondary bacterial meningitis is:


The causes of enlarged lymph nodes do not include:

The enlarged lymph node, or group of nodes with purulent secretion present, the first place to think:

Splenomegaly means:

The palpation finding of enlarged spleen is necessary:

Pancytopenia means:

Which of the following anemias is  the most common in Central Europe?

Iron deficiency can develop in all of the following clinical conditions EXCEPT

What is the best screening procedure for bleeding to gastrointestinal tract?

Phagocytosis is a primary function of:

What is the cause of numerous petechial bleeding in oral mucose?

The patient has severe ulcerative stomatitis without inflammatory response or gingival hypertrophy. Which expert should the patient be referred to first?

The patient has white punctate deposits in oral mucosa suspicious for thrush. Which examination should be performed?

Enlarged lymphonodes, profuse night sweats, and body weight loss are present in:

Sort the proper development of granulopoiesis from the immature to mature cells:

Which method is used in differentiation between reactive leukocytosis (leukemoid reaction) and leukocytosis in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML)?

How many percents of blasts in bone marrow confirm the diagnosis of acute leukemia?

Which coagulation factors are produced in the liver?

The primary factor that controls erythropoietic activity is/ are:

Anemia of chronic disease can be caused by following diseases EXCEPT:

Diagnostic test for autoimmune hemolytic anemia with thermal antibodies:

Hemolytic anemia after penicillin administration is caused by:

In which  leukemia Philadelphia (Ph) chromosome is found?

Which of following phases occur in chronic myeloid leukemia?

In the patient with acute leukemia following symptoms occur EXCEPT?

Multiple myeloma belongs to following type of diseases: