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The year 2016 marked the 60th anniversary of the 3rd Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Bratislava, founded on November 1st, 1956.

Prof. T. R. Niederland, MD., PhD. was appointed the first Head of the Department. After his16-months stay in the laboratory of Nobel Prize laureates Carl and Gerty Cori at Washington University in St. Louis, a very close relationship between clinical chemistry and 3rd Department of Internal Medicine was created since its beginnings. That naturally led to establishment of Pharmacobiochemical Laboratory of 3rd Department of Internal Medicine. In this exceptional connection many clinical and therapeutic problems could be solved immediately. Hereby the premises for experimental modeling of many diseases in the field of clinical pharmacology, hepatology, nephrology, diabetology and cardiology were created. This resulted in a unique “Niederland school” and a number of unique works, which have become the PhD., habilitation thesis and inaugural dissertations. In 1968, 3rd Department of Internal Medicine moved into the newly built Academician L. Dérer Hospital, Limbová 5. Pharmacobiochemical laboratory with 2 menageries for laboratory animals remained located at Hlboká street.

Prof. J. Gvozdják, MD., PhD. was the second head of department in the years 1984 – 1995. The third head of department was Prof. V. Bada, MD., PhD. On July 1st, 2014, Assoc. Prof. V. Mojto, MD., PhD., MPH, MHA. was appointed Head of the 3rd Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Bratislava.

In 2009, Ľubomír Valko, MD., PhD., a longtime worker of 3rd Department of Internal Medicine became the new chief physician. The level of endoscopic procedures was strengthening. The endoscopic workplace became a part of 3rd Department of Internal Medicine and University Hospital Bratislava. It provides examination capacity for all of the clinics in the Academician L. Dérer University Hospital. The clinical department offers 40 beds, intensive care unit and ambulance section with the ultrasonographic diagnosis department, gastroenterological department, cardiologic, nephrological, hepatological and internal ambulance.

3rd Department of Internal Medicine provides comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of internal diseases. Within the gastroenterology provides a range of examination of the upper gastrointestinal tract, including curative procedures such as elastic ligation of esophageal varices, polypectomy, taking samples for histological diagnosis. Emergency endoscopy, if necessary, applying hemoclips and Danis stent respectively is provided.

As a part of the planned interventions percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy and jejunostomy are performed. Examinations of the lower gastrointestinal tract are realized through rectoscopy and colonoscopy. Patients undergoing treatment procedures such as endoscopic polypectomy are monitored for a long-term and summoned for control examinations.

Sonography ambulance equipment allows its employees to perform abdominal sonography, examination of portal vein flow and echocardiographic examination. Dobutamine stress echocardiography, stress ECG, examination of the thyroid gland, duplex examination of the blood vessels of the leg and renal arteries are standardly carried out on a cardiac unit.

The clinic is performing 24-hour blood pressure monitoring as well as 24-hour Holter ECG monitoring.In the field of cardiology, department is focused on solution of the acute coronary events, prevention, dispensation and treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases.Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provides comprehensive non-invasive cardiology care.

The department is carrying out the treatment of patients with acute coronary syndromes, acute and worsened chronic heart failure, arterial hypertension - urgent and non-urgent states, disorders of the internal environment, respiratory failure and the need for the mechanical ventilation, as well as providing central venous access. ICU is carrying out urgent and planned cardioversion and temporary transvenous cardiostimulation. Transthoracic echocardiographic examinations, stress echocardiography, bicycle ergometry, 24-hour monitoring of ECG and blood pressure and ECG diagnosis of esophageal lead are carried out ambulatory Library facilities are significantly improved for the educational process due to multimedia projector with a laptop and a large-screen TV with a computer allowing viewing high-quality X-ray images, respectively CT and MRI results of examinations of the hospital system.

Within the hepatology is carried out complex diagnostics and treatment of chronic liver diseases. Department is one of the centers for the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis in Slovakia. Dispensarization and treatment of hereditary metabolic liver diseases (Wilson's disease, hereditary hemochromatosis), indication of liver transplantation, monitoring and treatment of the alcohol and non-alcohol hepatic steatosis, steatohepatitis, steatofibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver, also autoimmune diseases of the liver, liver disease during pregnancy, and monitoring of patients after liver transplantation  is carried out. The department is involved in the collection of epidemiological data of the patients lifestyle from the hepatology ambulances in Slovakia. Hepatology team provides the latest standard of non-interferon treatment of viral hepatitis B, C and metabolic liver diseases.

Nephrology deals with the prevention, diagnosis, dispensarization, prognosis, conciliar activities, and treatment of an acute and chronic renal damage in primary renal disease, or due to various pathological conditions in which the kidneys are damaged secondary. These disorders include hypertension, diabetes mellitus, rheumatologic, and systemic vascular and disease. Dispensarization of patients with acute and chronic renal insufficiency, treatment of intoxications and disorders of the internal environment, and the management of patients with complications during and after the dialysis treatment, as well as preventive examinations and preparation of patients in chronic dialysis program in the pre-dialysis period is performed.

The care of patients with metabolic diseases and chronic diabetic complications, especially diabetic nephropathy is at a high level. The department has a long experience in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy regarding to professional contacts and experience at leading institutions abroad.
 Prevention and treatment of obesity and other civilization diseases is a daily activity.


Publication activities of the 3rd Department of Internal Medicine

Publication activity is very rich with a very good citation response.
One of the first monographies was “Biochemical syndromology in clinical hepatology” (Niederland, Brixová). Prof. Gvozdják initiated and edited the first praegradual textbook of internal medicine, which was published three times. The first guide to the basis of clinical electrocardiography was written at the 3rd Department of Internal Medicine by Prof. Bada in 1975 and achieved by 1991 a total of 7900 copies.

At present, reprint has been approved and is preparing to be published in English.
Clinic staff is co-authors of the most comprehensive textbook: Principles of Internal Medicine (eds Duris, Hulin, Bernadič) and postgraduate textbook: Gastroenterology (Jurgoš, Kužela, Hrušovský), monographs: Vascular diseases, Principles of modern angiology (Štvrtinová et al). Doc. MD. V. Mojto, CSc., MHAis a co-author of a textbook: Internal Medicine (Kiňová, Hulin et al), 2013. In 2000, Assoc. Prof. Szántová and Prof. Kupčová published a scientific monograph: Doppler diagnostics and treatment options for portal hypertension. In 2016, Assoc. Prof. Mojto published university textbook: Selected chapters from clinical diabetology.

Teaching activity

3rd Department of Internal Medicine is the base for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. The Head of the Department Assoc. Prof. V. Mojto, MD., PhD., MHA is the chairman of the State examination committee of internal medicine and a member of the Academic Senate; three professors and one associate professor are members of the two other committees for state examinations in internal medicine. Teaching is carried out for medical students in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class according to the current schedule of Faculty of Medicine. Employees of the 3rd Department of Internal Medicine. Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Bratislava together with the employees of the Pharmacobiochemical Laboratory prepare teaching of compulsory elective subject Mitochondrial Medicine.

Pharmacobiochemical Laboratory, Sasinkova 4

Pharmacobiochemical Laboratory of Third Department of Internal Medicine is focused on studying bioenergetic and antioxidant systems in selected diseases where oxidative stress plays an important role in their etiopathogenesis. Research is carried out on experimental models of diseases (hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus, toxic liver injury, hypertension, Alzheimer's, and Huntington's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, ischemia-reperfusion injury, chronobiology) at the level of the whole organism, tissues and mitochondria. Pathological states are affected by the pharmaceutical drugs or synthetic and natural substances with antioxidant properties. The findings are applied in clinical studies by monitoring of the antioxidant status and oxidative stress of patients, as well as by studying the effects of therapy and supportive antioxidant therapy: in children with metabolic disorders, with autism, patients with oncological, neurological, cardiovascular diseases, in diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and adverse effects of statin therapy and in patients with fertility problems.



Project Nutriaging: Nutrition and healthy aging supported by the EU grant from the CBC programme Interreg V-A SK-AT VO14 (2018-2022)

VEGA 2/0136/20: Evaluation and comparison of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant efficacy of carotenoids in vitro and in vivo using models of chronic inflammatory diseases (2020-2023)

APVV-15-0308: Molekulárno-farmakologické prístupy k inovatívnej terapii reumatoidnej artritídy hodnortenej v experimentálnych podmienkach in vivo a in vitro 2016 - 2020

VEGA 1/0071/15: Protekcia hypertenzného a zlyhávajúceho srdca blokátorom I (f) kanálu ivabradínom: porovnanie s ACE-inhibíciou a melatonínom 2015 - 2018


List of publications in 2021

List of citations of publications in 2021


List of publications in 2020

List of citations of publications in 2020


List of publications in 2019

List of citations of publications in 2019

Farmaco-biochemical Laboratory is abolished according to dean´s order by June 30, 2024.



Diploma works with defense in academic year 2023/2024


Supervisor of DW: Assoc. prof. Mária Szántová, MD, PhD.

Janka Šávoltová: Skríning a manažment hepatálnej encefalopatie


Supervisor of DW: prof. Viera Kupčová, MD, CSc.

Lucia Soradová: Nové možnosti diagnostiky steatózy, steatohepatitídy a fibrózy pečene použitím klinických zobrazovacích postupov


Supervisor of DW: Mária Komlósi, MD, PhD., MSc.

Veronika Ružičková: Nutričný PEG - indikácie, komplikácie, starostlivosť


Supervisor of DW: Allan Böhm, MD, PhD., MBA, FESC, FJCS


  1. Katrin Feichtinger: Prediction of Cardiogenic Shock in Patients with Myocardial Infarction
  2. Inga-Marit Hilke Berit Graf: ECG Predictors of Cardiogenic Shock in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction
  3. Anna Teubl: Risk Factors of Cardiogenic Shock in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome




Diploma work with defense in academic year 2024/2025


Supervisor of DW: prof. Viera Kupčová, MD, CSc.

Beata Volosin: Liver Diseases in Pregnant Women



Diploma works with defense in academic year 2025/2026


Supervisor of DW: prof. Viera Kupčová, MD, CSc.

Adam Čeklovský: Tuková choroba pečene s metabolickou dysfunkciou (MAFLD)


Supervisor of DW: Allan Böhm, MD, PhD., MBA, FESC, FJCS

Lara Sophie Wiesemann: Gender disparities in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: differences in presentation, etiology and management

Martin Špilák: Akútny infarkt myokardu komplikovaný kardiogénnym šokom: etiopatogenéza, rizikové faktory a diagnostika

Justus Fleermann: Cardiogenic shock in non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Supervisor of DW: prof. RNDr. Anna Gvozdjáková, DrSc.

Ján Gallus Tréger: Perspektívy mitochondriálnej hepatológie


3rd Department of Internal Medicine  Limbova 5, 833 05 Bratislava


Head of the Department: Assoc.prof. Mária Szántová, MD, PhD.

phone 5954 2341, e-mail: maria.szantova@kr.unb.sk

Typist: Ľuba Janáková, MEng.

phone 5954 2349, e-mail: 3internakr.unb.sk



prof. Viera Kupčová, MD, CSc.

prof. Fedor Šimko, MD, CSc., FESC – ptj.


Assistant professors:

Assoc. prof. Viliam Mojto, MD, CSc., MPH, MHA

Assoc. prof. Mária Szántová, MD, PhD.


Lecturers and assistant lecturers:

Allan Böhm, MD, PhD., MBA, FESC, FJSC – ptj.

Naďa Bežillová, MD, PhD. 

Zuzana Ďurkovičová, MD, – ptj.

Michaela Fedelešová, MD, PhD. – ptj.

Sylvia Gabura, MD

Monika Glevická, MD

Jakub Hennel, MD

Lucia Horniaková, MD

Ivan Hovanjec, MD

Mária Komlósi, MD, PhD., MSc.

Jaroslav Kucej, MD

Martin Sedlák, MD

Ľubomír Valko, MD



Hospitals doctors:

Eva Hrabčáková, MD

Martin Kokles, MD

Marta Kekeljaková, MD - ML

Petra Števove, MD

Peter Kromka, MD

Jana Litvíková, MD

Adriana Pešková, MD – ptj.

Jozef Sedlačko, MD

Ladislav Šabo, MD – ptj.

Terézia Šimkovičová, MD – ML

Miloš Števove, MD

Ľubomír Valko, MD, CSc.

Andrej Zachar, MD, CSc. – ptj.



Pharmacobiochemical Laboratory of Third Department of Internal Medicine

Deputy Head: PharmDr. Jarmila Kucharská, PhD.

phone/fax: +421 2 9011 9242 ,  e-mail: jarmila.kucharskafmed.uniba.sk

Scientific and research workers

Prof. Anna Gvozdjáková, DSc., PhD. phone 9011 9242

Jarmila Kucharská, PharmD., PhD. phone 9011 9242

Zuzana Rausová, MSc., PhD. phone 9011 9245

Zuzana Sumbalová, DSc., PhD. phone 9011 9619

Oľga Uličná, DSc., PhD. phone 9011 9246

Oľga Vančová, MEng. phone 9011 9246

Other staff:

Jana Bertalanová, phone 9011 9245

Dana Pospišilová, phone 5954 2372

Anna Štetková, phone 9011 9243  

Eva Tibenská



3rd class - Internal Medicine 1, Summer semester 2023/2024


Gestor of teaching Assoc. prof. Mária Szántová, MD, PhD., 3rd Department of Internal medicine


Content of teaching: cardiology


Study Evaluation: Assessment of the student's study results is performed by test - on 15. 5. 2024 at 3.00 p.m, on 29. 5. 2024 at 9.00 a.m. and on 19. 6. 2024 at 9.00 a.m.

Students sign up for test electronically via Academic Information System (AIS). 


Internal Propedeutics oral exam: 21. 5. 2024 at 9 a.m.


Questions for SE in Internal Medicine

Lectures - Internal Medicine 1, SS 2023/2024

Practicals in Internal Medicine 1 at 3rd Department of Internal Medicine, SS 2023/2024

Contents of Practicals in Internal Medicine 1, SS 2023/2024

Questions for Internal Medicine 1 test, SS 2023/2024





Internal propedeutics study materials 


History of Internal medicine

Symptoms, syndromes


Patient history form

Patient interview

Medical history and patient´s examination

Head and neck examination

Examination of the respiratory system

Tables examination of the respiratory system

Heart and lung sounds


Physical examination


ECG basics


ECG template and examples

Internal medicine 1 study materials