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The Schedule of full-time study

Academic year 2017/2018

Winter semester
Educationfrom 18.09.2017till 22.12.2017
Examination period                    from 02.01.2018till 16.02.2018
Terms for Transfer subjects, Pre-terms                                            from 11.12.2017till 22.12.2017
Summer semester
Educationfrom 19.02.2018till 25.05.2018
Examination periodfrom 28.05.2018till 06.07.2018
Terms for Transfer subjects, Pre-terms from 14.05.2018till 25.05.2018
Not Transfer subjects, State examinations: Re-examination and Compesative datefrom 20.08.2018till 25.08.2018
General Medicine
Submission of Diploma workstill 30.09.2017
Defence of Diploma worksfrom 30.10.2017till 16.11.2017
Submission of Diploma workstill 16.03.2018
Defence of Diploma worksfrom 14.05.2018till 25.05.2018


The student has to receive evaluation from all Transfer subjects to 06th of July 2018.

Notice: According to the Universities Act takes academic year from 1.9. till 31.08.  Therefore it is not possible in September to perform the duties prescribed for the previous academic year.

Schedule of Education

Beginning of lectures7.30 a.m.
Beginning of practical lessons7.30 a.m.
Lenght of clinical training8.30* a.m. - 1.20 p.m.

 If there is no difference in the Time schedule for a particular class and branch. One semester consists of 14 weeks of tuition (5th class summer semester – 15 weeks). One lesson lasts 50 minutes, which is followed by a 10 minutes break. 

*Surgical subjects start at 7.00 a.m.